Winter Miles / Summer Smiles

Winter seems to have been here for ages. Turbo sessions and long rides in the cold, wet and fog. Cleaning bikes after picking up the debris from Suffolk and Norfolk country lanes.

Training can become a bit tedious. To be honest, there are not many reasons to do a 5-hour ride in the rain at 2°C with the wind blowing salt in your face; unless you are going to benefit in some way. All the #PPRT riders have been putting in the miles in the last few months and for one reason only, #2017 is going to be a great year. Great racing with a fantastic team around them will be their reward.

Fletch, collecting some Suffolk salt

Mark (Team Owner) decided to increase the size of the team this year and invite a few individuals to join. This was a careful decision, and long process with many negotiations. It was important to find people who shared the spirit and values of #PPRT.

Passion, drive, determination, fairness and loyalty. The right riders will in turn benefit from being part of such a great team.

Mark says: “We want the right people who are going to work together with the same goal and who want to be part of something which has the potential to be fantastic”.

Team manager, James “Fletch” Fletcher, is a strong believer that teamwork is the key to success and has encouraged everyone to get together as much as possible during the past weeks and months. A group of individuals who ride bikes in the same kit are still individuals until they share experience, adversity and understanding of each other.

All about the base.

Only time will tell if his theory about teamwork pays off. Thousands of miles have been covered and the team have experienced multiple punctures, salt spray, heavy rain, hail, wind and muddy faces due to some riders not having mudguards, (Gemma and Liam… sort it out!). Not to mention the flooding, hypothermia, numb fingers, hypoglycemia, choppers, cake, flat whites, banter, hot chocolate, moaning and laughter, all just part of ‘winter miles’.

When asked about the team, Fletch said, “The group has got to know each other really well and have become such good friends. They are teammates who would sacrifice themselves for each other on and off the bike. I can’t wait for the sun to come out and to see the team in action.”

The race season is fast approaching. Riders are ready, fit and feeling excited.

Ross and Josh have tested their legs with a couple of winter series races at Hog Hill. They are in a great condition both mentally and physically.

Josh racing on his brand new Merida Reacto at Hog Hill.

Last weekend whilst racing, Josh punctured. He said, “I was in a really good position and setting up a break with another rider. When I got to the top of the hill I realized my tire was deflating. It’s not surprising as a lot of riders had punctured due to the wet conditions washing stuff onto the circuit. Such a shame because my legs were really good and I felt strong. But that’s racing for ya.”

Ross and Josh are off to sunny Calpe in Spain for a couple of weeks for some final training before race season gets started properly. But for the rest of the team, the wet and cold country lanes will have to suffice! #allabout2017

One of the best bits of a long ride!

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